“The latest version of The Black Sorrows is finely honed outfit…Willy DeVille’s Storybook Love and No Such Pain …are album highlights…Brian Wise Rhythms May/June 2015

The Sorrows rock the rafters of ABC Southbank with this version of  J J Cale’s “Devil In Disguise” the lead track on Chapter 46 of Endless Sleep

“Released as two vinyl lps, records number 46 and 47 for Joe Camilleri are full of beautifully judged covers of country, blues, soul, rock and jazz recordings that have continued to inspire him. Whether, he’s radically rearranging Hank Williams and Skip James or staying close to the original with John Coltrane’s ‘Lonnie’s Lament,’ there’s a real reverence and musical intelligence in the Black Sorrows approach to these songs.” Lucky Oceans Listen here


ABC Local Radio add “Blue Light” and “Story Book Love” across the board 60 stations nationally

“They are without doubt, the best recorded discs I’ve heard in some time.Sounds like every instrument and vocal was surrounded by close microphones with the intimacy of every nuance, captured beautifully and mixed with amazing care and separation.Both discs make up a great collection of performances, only made better by the amazing sound quality in the way each was captured.”