The album is a wonderful encapsulation of the talents of a great musician…” Brian Wise Off The Record

Released nationally on CD, limited edition 12″ vinyl and Itunes






The Sorrows will be taking off for Norway right after Byron Bluesfest to play at Nidaros Blues Festival in Trondheim. It was 20 years ago the band hit #3 on the charts in Scandinavia with Chosen Ones and are thrilled to be invited back to share the stage with Eric Burdon.

Free downloadThese are some my favourite blues based songs I’ve recorded. I’ve aways loved this form of the blues, but somehow manage to work around it. Listening to the blues all through my musical career it’s deceivingly simple and uncomplicated. But like all things simple the blues don’t come to you in a package

Elmore James, John Lee, Muddy Waters and all the greats lived it – ate it with their breakfast and dinner. I tell tale of woe and sorrow always going back to find something I might have missed.
Joe Camilleri

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